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Too Soon To React!-NFL Combine RBs

Listen to “Too Soon To React! – NFL Combine RBs” on Spreaker.

Jordon does a mini pod solo to break down day one of the NFL Combine….sort of…..listen and you’ll understand. No opinion is better than a bad opinion.

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Complete combine reactions coming Monday Morning as long as we got all the necessary info.

Jet Set Round Table-2017 Free Agents

Listen to “Jet Set Round Table-2017 Free Agents” on Spreaker.

Fantasy Insanity’s John Bosch (@EmpireFFL) and FALFFL’s Sal Leto (@LetoSal) join Bryan and Jordon to have one last discussion before the start of NFL Free Agency next week. Alshon Jeffery, Kirk Cousins, Adrian Peterson, and much more are discussed in this can’t miss episode.

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The Next Level of Hot Takes-2017 Rookie WRs

Listen to “The Next Level of Hot Takes – 2017 Rookie WRs” on Spreaker.

Dynasty Trade Olympics info here!

This week we tackle the 2017 classes wide receivers.

However, before we again, a foreword on trading for the top rookie pick in your dynasty drafts.

On twitter we posted a trade: Amari Cooper for 1.01.

This trade should win heavily in Amari Cooper’s favor, but the #DynastyTrades community seems to agree. Well, about 40% seem to disagree.

Amari Cooper is only 22 and was won of the best wide receiver prospect in any of the recent drafts. However, many people seem to be jumping ship just because he hasn’t been a defacto wide receiver one his first two seasons. But trading him now is a colossal mistake.

Before Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks, and Odell Beckham Jr. redefined the expectations for rookie wideouts, the standard rule of thumb was that it took about three years to transition from the college to the NFL for wideouts. Therefore, we must all realize that Amari Cooper is no where near the top of his potential. He’s going to continue to get better and better as he matures and learns more about having success as an NFL wide receiver.

Now onto the rookies:

DeDe Westbrook

Strengths: He has quick feet and is tremendous after the catch. A very smooth route runner. Great hands and good feel for coverage. Fast and a definte downfield threat. He plays bigger than his size.
Weaknesses: Super thin, Inconsistent speed, rarely challenged physically, Character Concerns

Isaiah Ford

Strengths: Athlete, quick cuts, varies speed, Uses speed to press coverage and create space, Amazing Vertical Threat, Great tracking skills, works back to passes
Weaknesses: Gets pushed off route easily, ok hand strength, not elusive, needs route work, weak run blocker, doesn’t run complete route tree

Zay Jones

Strengths: FBS Receptions leader, hands catcher, not afraid when surrounded by bodies, great at high pointing ball, good focus and footwork
Weaknesses: Average speed, thin, weak against press, received a lot of short throws and screens, weak after catch and against tight coverage.

JuJu Smith-Shuster

Strengths: Great size and knows how to use it, tremendous football awareness, works back to ball, Good Routes, Strong Hands, Good Body Control, Tough after catch, Good Blocker
Weaknesses: Lack of acceleration out of cuts, No Second gear, Slow against press

Cooper Kupp

Strengths: History of Production, Strong Hands, Plucks and Tucks, Varies Speed, Competitive, Circus Catches, Good Ball Tracking, Shakes defenders
Weaknesses: Not very quick, Fakes too much, Used primarily in slot

At this point in the show Jordon and Bryan consumed Ghost Pepper Salsa and attempted to give their evaluations for their top wide receiver. It did not go very well. Check it out to experience their pain.

Corey Davis

Strengths: Great all four years, Competitive, Deep focus on the ball. Tracks Ball Well. Great Second Gear. Good Route Running. Great at changing speed. Works back to the ball. Able to win 50/50 balls.
Weaknesses: Would like to see him quicker out of his breaks, Drop issues, Never saw him block, Got a lot of free releases, Body Catch

Mike Williams

Strengths: Great Height, Weight, Speed combo. Very good at 50/50 balls. Long arms and Big Hands. Great at tracking the ball in the air. Always catches with his hands. Nice Body Control. Works in middle of field without fear. Good after the catch.
Weaknesses: Run blocking needs work. Drops. May be too reliant on physical ability. Like to see him quicker out of his cuts. Can struggle vs. Press. 2015 Neck injury causes worry.

Finding the Next Adrian Peterson: Top 2017 Rookie RBs

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to Jet Set Dynasty Radio. Thank you so much for joining us.

Before we get started, I wanted to take this opportunity to explain my vision for Jet Set Dynasty. I do not want this to be another generic sports talk podcast. On this podcast, we will discuss fantasy football, specifically topics relating to Dynasty, and have fun doing it. I will try my very best to ensure that every episode is new, exciting, and worth your time.

Without further ado, let’s dig deep into our top 5 rookie running backs.

First we have Alvin Kamara out of Tennessee.

Strengths: He’s a fast, quick runner with tremendous balance and the ability to power through weak tacklers. He was very efficient during his tenure at Tennessee, despite receiving a very limited workload. He’s good when he’s needed to stay back in pass protection, and is a truly dynamic receiver out of the backfield. He’ll likely also be fielding kick and punt returns, giving him extra utility to any interested NFL teams.

Weaknesses: Alvin Kamara does not have very good vision for a ball carrier. He often can overlook cutback lanes that a player with his athletic prowess should be able to capitalize on. His biggest weakness, by far, is how few carries he received. He only had 210 carries over his entire Volunteer career. As a result, it’s going to be extremely tough to predict what he’ll be able to do with a larger workload at the professional level. He also has a history of knee injuries, although they are almost 3 years removed.

Kareem Hunt out of Toledo

Strengths: Kareem Hunt is incredibly agile. He has some of the best juke and spin moves that I’ve seen out of any running backs in this draft class. He has great balance to keep him standing after shaking and baking off would be tacklers, and he was a great inside runner at Toledo. He’s also a threat in the passing game, and comfortable blocking in the backfield.

Weaknesses: At 5’10” 208 lbs., many NFL teams will not view him as a workhorse back. He will likely be relegated to some kind of a change of pace role. He doesn’t possess the necessary strength to power through tacklers at the next level, and his change of direction leaves something to be desired.

Joe Mixon out of Oklahoma

Strengths: Most complete running back in this class. Excellent Burst, Stiff Arm, and Vision. A real tough pass blocker and top notch receiver. Able to make incredible highlight reel catches. A very patient runner comparable to LeVeon Bell. Shifty enough to make tacklers miss, and powerful enough to truck them out of his way.

Weaknesses: Can be a little dancey in the backfield when trying to find a hole. He’s not automatic in the open field. Character issues will hurt both his draft stock and dynasty outlook, however that could lead to him falling in Dynasty Rookie Drafts

Leonard Fournette out of LSU

Strengths: He’s a Bo Jackson Clone, Rare combo of size and speed. Could possibly run a 4.3 at the combine. Always aggressive and punishes those he makes contact with. Never stops his feet. Okay receiver. Few are better in short yardage situations. Some are calling him a generational talent

Weaknesses: Lacks patience and can sometimes pull an Andre Williams(Run into backs of his blockers). Sometimes can be too aggressive and engage tackles that could be easily avoided. He doesn’t have very much wiggle and isn’t great in pass protection. His vision can also be inconsistent(Especially against Alabama)

Christian McCaffrey out of Stanford

Strengths: Changes direction on a dime. Great Vision and very elusive. Able to squeeze through tight holes that form at LOS (Line of Scrimmage). He’s as good a receiver as a runner. Not game breaking fast, but still fast. Possesses all the skills to be on the field for three downs. Not afraid in pass protection

Weaknesses: Some may say his size won’t allow him to be a successful workhorse back in the NFL, but I would disagree. He probably will not be able to power through NFL tacklers. Chop blocks entirely too often. Injury plagued 2016 may have some dynasty drafters running scared.

Dalvin Cook out of Florida State

Strengths: Makes cuts on a dime and excels in off tackle runs. Able to hit his “Next Gear” in the blink of an eye. Good vision coupled with good footwork is a plus. If he gets the edge, he’s lethal. As dangerous as they come in space. Definitely a threat in passing game.

Weaknesses: Not a great inside running (Clemson shut him down in the first half of their 2016 game). Can look to bounce runs outside too often. A little impatient. Inconsistent hands. Not great in pass protection. Legal and Fumble Concerns

That’s all we have for today. Thank you for joining us and I look forward to seeing you again next time. Have a great day. May the force be with you.

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