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Let’s Look at Some Top College RBs

College Football officially starts tonight and it got me in the mood to watch some tape on potential members of the 2020 draft class. These guys aren’t playing tonight but they are some popular names across the college landscape. Here are my quick thoughts on D’andre Swift from Georgia and AJ Dillon from Boston College.

D’andre Swift (Tape- 2018 vs Auburn and Florida)

I have to admit I have some Georgia bias as they are tied for my favorite college team. This guy is my RB1. I’ve watched him since his freshman year and I don’t think you can get any better than this guy. Swift is not just his name- but also the way he runs. Swift change of direction, swift decision making finding the hole and swift in his ankle breaking techniques. But being swift isn’t the only way he wins.

 For a guy that has gamebreaking speed (and gets to his top speed insanely quick) he isn’t afraid to lower the should and finish runs with a vengeance. Georgia backs aren’t known for their pass catching ability but he has strong and confident hands when he has the chance to catch the ball. I haven’t seen this kind combination of power and speed since Saquon Barkley. Yes I’m serious. D’andre Swift is my RB1 and possibly my 1.01 depending on how these WRs shake out this year. I’m the conductor of the D’andre Swift hype train so y’all better hop on board before you get left in the dust.  

AJ Dillon- Boston College (Tape- 2018 vs Miami)

There’s been some talk about AJ Dillon being a top back in next year’s draft. From the little tape I’ve watched I’m inclined to believe that he is probably in the second tier of RBs. I think the D’andre Swifts and Travis Etienne’s of the world are clearly above him but AJ Dillon will be a quality prospect next year. He’s one of the bigger backs this year coming in around 6’0 245lbs but he has quick feet for a big man. He’s fantastic in between the tackles and always falls forward for positive gains. He doesn’t have much wiggle to him but he makes up for it with a punishing running style that makes him tough to bring down when he gets going. He lacks the breakaway speed to make him a truly elite back in the NFL but has enough speed to break of chunk plays and be effective on the outside. 

He needs to improve on his pass blocking but he has the tools to fix that issue. Not super smooth catching the ball but does it well enough. His vision at the line of scrimmage and at the second level is what will separate him from the boring plodding NFL backs that we all hate. He reminds me a bit of James Conner with his vision and Derrick Henry’s running style and quick feet. He’s probably a back that will need a complementary piece to him in the NFL but he has the skills to succeed at the next level. 

Those are my thoughts as they are fresh in my head after watching a few pieces of tape on these guys from last year. There’s a chance my opinions may change as I gather new information (probably not on Swift, but potentially on Dillon). Let me know if you agree or disagree on twitter @FootballBry15 and as always don’t forget to check out JetSet Fantasy football on all major podcast platforms for more football takes, fun and stupidity then you can shake a stick at.

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